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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dayyan Exclusive Pumping Journey

When Dayyan Putra was born 9th July 2016, I already knew that I had to to go through the similar breastfeeding experience I had with his sister 7 years ago. But this time around I was so ready to fight for what is right for my baby boy.

My baby girl,  Putri Nur Qairunnisa was born on 16th Feb 2009,  and she had trouble latching up since the beginning, due to my inverted nipple. It was so frustrating, we ended our breastfeeding journey abruptly after 2 weeks trying so hard.

Putri had to go through painful eczema and allergies for four years, which I knew could be avoided or lessen if we fight to keep her breastfed.

And it did not get any easier with Dayyan. He latched so poorly, and on top on that he was such an impatient lil guy too!

I realised that this time around, the struggle to latch had resulted in low milk production, because I was so stressed out every time we worked on his latching. We had to resort giving him formula until on the 4th day when my milk supplies slowly building up.

That was when I started with 2 hours interval of pumping. I could not bear to think that I may once again had to surrender just like what I did 7 years ago. 

At that point I knew, I want to take on the challenge and be an exclusive pumping mom for Dayyan. On the 10th day onwards, we were blessed abundantly with breastmilk and I continued my exclusive pumping routine until now.

More blessings came into our life when Dayyan shared my overflow milk supplies with Baby Adrian Hanna who was born premie and was fighting for his life in NICU due to pneumonia.

For 2 months, I delivered freshly pumped breastmilk to his mom, and he took it through the tube and now our dear boy is already 10 months, with much much improved health, Alhamdulillah.

Oh I must mention here that there is another boy who is my anak susuan too, named baby Aisy Wafiey. So Dayyan has got himself two more "siblings" instantly, Alhamdulillah.

Currently, I pump anywhere and everywhere. I pump during our short outings, during holidays, in the middle of my business meetings (all women only no worries haha), during shopping sprees, family dinner etc etc, you named it, we’ve done it haha!

Pumping on the go.  Me on the ETS from Penang to KL. 

And now 8 months has passed and to see how healthy and happy Dayyan is making it’s all worth it. I am so grateful that every day Allah grant me with health and courage to continue my exclusive pumping journey with Dayyan.

To all mommies out there, if you are planning to breastfeed your child, I would encourage you to attend breastfeeding talks and seminars, talk with your lactation counselors before hands, read books and do a lot of research.

I’ve shared a lot of tips on breastfeeding, tips to choose types of breast pump for exclusive pumper and info on nutritions and milk booster food. You may follow my Instagram and Facebook.

Pumping at Dataran Lang, Langkawi Island. 

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Much love,
Mak Yan (short for Mama Dayyan theeeeheee…)

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